Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Welcome and Hello

So, Welcome to my first blog post J

Blogging is something I’ve been thinking about doing now for well over 12 months.  There’s not really any one specific thing that has stopped me from doing it.  It’s more of a collection of several little things, the main one though has always been “what should I blog about.”

I even had the all-out-in-the-open blog VS anonymous-secret-squirrels blog personal debate.  Would I blog about the kids? Would I mention our actual names? Would I ask my husband how he feels about me blogging?  Would anyone read it? What would make my blog different from every other blog?  How often would I post?  What font will be easy to read & pleasing to the eye?  I don’t quite have all those answers yet...

I guess I’ll just see what happens as time goes on.  In the meantime I’m going to use my blog as a bit of a diary.  (I’m sure plenty of other people probably do the same thing).

I better tell you a bit about myself before I jump into it.

I am a thirty something stay at home Mum who is married to a wonderful man.  He is a very hard worker and a wonderful Dad to our four kids (and now that I think about it I don’t tell him that enough).  The four kids and my dear husband are the reason I get out of bed every day. They are my world!!

We’ve moved around a little.  Not like some people, but often enough that I’m getting itchy feet again after having only been here for just under eighteen months. To be fair though, we did live here for eight years before moving away for four years.  Employment brought us back.  The cold is partly what makes me want to leave again.  I’d forgotten about it. I mean it’s not Toronto cold, or even London cold, but it’s still cold.  The size of the house is a bigger problem now too.  Family grew, house shrank. What do ya do?!

Wow, I didn’t expect it to be quite so time consuming trying to write one little blog post.  I haven’t even contemplated the set up of the page yet. Goodness, at the ACTUAL time of writing this I haven’t even picked how it’ll be hosted.  I don’t even know if that’s the correct term to use in reference to a blog.  What I do know is that I better make a start on dinner while the littlest of the four is asleep.
Bye for now, K

P.S.  So when I did actually set up my blog using a template, I did it as a secret squirrel style but, when I went to bed I had a little freak-out & decided I’d better go with the honest-this-is-me open blog.  I decided I don’t have the skills necessary to keep up the facade (even for one night).

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