Monday, 30 January 2012

Resolutions 2012

Welcome to Week Two of my new little blog.

I’ve been debating with myself this week about what my main post each week should be about.  There are so many issues that are important to me and I’d love to share my opinions with you and hear some of yours too, if ever anyone reads this. Lol.  I have decided to make notes on some of those issues till I’m a little more accustomed to writing my thoughts & instead get back to something I touched on last week.  New Year Resolutions!

In January 2011 I made a few resolutions.

1.     To have a NON camping style family only holiday at least once every 18 months.

2.    Focus on getting fit, losing weight would come with this & is much needed.

3.    To have coffee somewhere different at least once per month.

So, how did I go with those resolutions you ask...  BADLY!! 
To be fair we will be having non camping style holiday this June but it isn’t just our immediate family.  We’ll be sharing a holiday rental house with my husband’s family in Cairns.  We are all SUPER excited about it in this house, even though we are driving there & back.  With respect to Point two, I discovered during the first week of April that we were expecting our fourth child and although I continued walking and jogging for a short while I soon ran into problems with morning sickness & tiredness, and stopped doing it as often as I’d have liked to, thereby quickly losing any fitness I had built up from the previous year & those first few months of 2011, then from 32 weeks I was hospitalised and pretty much bed ridden till the birth.  And Point three just didn’t happen.

This year my resolutions have changed only slightly.

1.    Lose 10 – 15kg’s by late June (note, in time for the trip to Cairns.) This means losing ½ to ¾ kilo per week.  That means 1.1 – 1.6 pounds per week, or 22-33 pounds by June. That’s what the converter on my phone says anyway.  Now, I’m well aware that I could benefit from loosing DOUBLE that and perhaps then some, but I’m looking at this in smaller more achievable chunks for the time being.  Slow and Steady...

2.    To get myself to a hair salon at least once every two months.

3.    To have coffee somewhere different each month.

Thus far, this late in January I’m doing GREAT!! 

My initial weigh in was 2 & a bit weeks ago.  I’m weighing in fortnightly.  In my first week & a half I lost 1.4kg’s. (3 pounds)  It was only a week and a half because I have changed from a Wednesday to a Monday because it is easier for me to get there.  Hopefully I can keep this rate up.  At the moment we are focussing on the food and not so much on the exercise which is great because I’m a little scared to exercise my butt off.  I’m breast feeding (ALL THE TIME), and I seem to be one of those Mum’s that has trouble keeping up milk supply if I exercise too much.  That is one of my excuses for being a lard arse, oompa loompa, fatty boomba (etc etc) and, for now, I’m sticking with it! I have several excuses mind you, and probably several I’m not really aware of.  I intend to tackle some of these excuses this year.  Who wants me to dig out a BEFORE PHOTO for my next resolution update on this??

Moving on to the hair...  I like my hair when it is longer.  It tends to look scraggly though.  It can get a bit of a wave in it that I LOVE but I never really DO anything with it.  It’s always in a pony tail, never “pretty”, always just boring pony tail.  I had a cut in June 2010 & didn’t have one again until this month. Yes you read that correctly.  It is now January 2012.  My hair gets awfully dry & yucky when I let it get so long without looking after it. Funny that!!

The before, fresh out of the shower and just brushed straight look & the after, much shorter, much healthier looking & not at all dry & nasty look!! 

That is all just my natural colour there now too. The hair dresser said I didn’t have to be so strict with myself and that every three months would be fine.  Still, you better hound me in April if there’s been no mention of another visit.

Mmmmm COFFEE...  Two weekends ago, Hubby & I walked with the kids to a nearby cafe, Graze Brasserie, on Sunday morning for coffee.  The two older boys had hot chocolates & Miss Pants had a baby cino, which came home in the drink holder of the pram & got poured down the sink.  Honestly, I don’t know why we bother getting her things sometimes...  It was lovely, sitting reading the newspaper with a nice coffee.  Not too strong, not too weak, and not too bitter!  A little breezy outside, but we chose to sit outside so that we wouldn’t disrupt too many people. YES, middle of Summer and we could have done with long sleeves.

I’m going to try my hardest to drag a friend or two along for coffee every month somewhere new.  Well, new to me at least.  There is a place I’ve been before, about 6 years ago.  I wonder if that counts as new???

Bye for now, K


  1. Good luck with your goals. I have never been to Carins, but would love to get up there some day.

    1. Thanks Nic. Maybe someday you'll be invited to a bloggers conference up there.