Wednesday, 1 February 2012

WIP: Bit on the Slack Side...

Man, I tell you what, this blogging business along with Fat Mum Slim’s January Photo-A-Day Challenge has been keeping me BUSY.  Well, THAT and four kids. Lol.

I did not get a frame for my cross stitch.  I did however buy several photo frames to put up around the house.  I even got photo paper so I can print the photos.  It is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time.  I have been waiting for input from Mr C though since I’ve kind of been expecting him to put the hooks on the walls but you know what, I’m sick of waiting.  We don’t even have ONE picture of Miss Pants in a frame on a shelf, let alone on the wall, and she turned THREE in December.  NOT GOOD ENOUGH MUMMY!!  Haven't printed them yet though.  Hmmm, anyway moving on...

I still haven’t quite finished Miss Pants’ hand towel.  It’ll be done by next week though when she needs it.  See, NEARLY done.

I asked Mr Magoo (8) if he’d like me to make him a pencil case for school since this is the first year he’s had to provide his own pencils and textas etc for school.  He thought it was a fantastic idea.  I asked if he’d like me to make it out of some camouflage fabric I already had. But NOOOO!  Yes to camouflage, no to the colour options available.  I had blue, grey (& pink) but he wanted green.  I sourced the fabric, found some lining and went with a zipper I already had.  I’d love to say I was clever enough to just whip it up but I wasn’t, I used this SUPER EASY Tutorial that I found on the blog Skip to my Lou.  Turned out alright though for a first attempt I thought.  Will probably be OK making another one without the tutorial too. He can’t fit his ruler in it though because the zipper I had wasn’t big enough to allow it.  Oh well, I always had a much smaller pencil case that never held my ruler but I survived, and so did my ruler.

It turns out that Miss Pants also needs a Cushion for Pre School.  While scouring the junk shop for suitable photo frames I came across a purple cushion for $4.00. SCORE.  (Cushion insert’s purchased locally cost more than that.)  I MIGHT add her name to it.  Time will dictate.

Master H found an old long sleeved plain white polo shirt that Mr Magoo used to wear to school.  He wants me to put a picture on it just like I did with his PJ’s.  He decided on a design, an electric guitar, then changed his mind, SEVERAL times but finally decided that this was OK... 

You see, I have some fabric with lots of little pirate heads on it just like this one.  I am planning to use the fabric for the flag, then white (or maybe even natural calico) & black fabric with a little hand stitching for the pirate.  Then he changed his mind again & wants a PATCH on the eye, not a winking eye.  Grrrr, think I might forget that little detail & go with the wink because it's cute, but we’ll see.  Sorry about the image quality.  It was a QUICK point & shoot.

I know it’s not much but it keeps me going.  I still have the Pillowcase Challenge that I mentioned last week to work on too.

Bye for now, K

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