Monday, 6 February 2012

Bad Baby, BAD

As you may have read, we have four children.  The youngest is still a baby.  He’s nearly 3 months old already. 

People often ask if he is a Good Baby.

Is there really such a thing as a bad baby? Really, it implies that babies can be naughty.  He’s not NAUGHTY.  It’s not something he knows how to do.  He can’t make a decision to do something that I may have otherwise taught him not to do or say.

So, here’s some little bits of GOOD about our newest Little Man. 

Good birth weight.  4580g

Good Appetite.  He feeds approximately every 2 hours REGARDLESS of what I do to try & hold him off, but he does give me SOME relief at night by going about 5-6 hours between feeds. (Remembering that this means from the start of one feed to the start of the next.)

Good Set of Lungs.  The two steroid injections I had at 32 weeks gestation helped with that & has resulted in his...

...Nice big voice.  Which may or may not affect my hearing in the long run, but hopefully it’ll continue to help him keep/get himself heard.  He does after all have three siblings to compete with.
I found this pic here, it is not Little h, though there are similarities.  Namely the crying...

So, in case you were wondering, he does NOT feed every four hours, he does NOT just sit & smile at me when he is awake, and he’s NOT such a good sleeper.  He does NOT sleep through the night.  Am I tired? No not really.  I’d call it EXHAUSTED!! I know things will get better as he gets older & although I hate to sound as though I'm wishing our lives away I'm really looking forward to him getting a bit older.  At this stage, even a month makes a difference.

Oh, and keep in mind too that mothers with good OR bad babies can suffer from Post Natal Depression (PND) & will more than likely NOT like to be asked "Is he/she a good baby?", regardless of their answer.  It may just be another source of Mummy Guilt for them.  I will share what I know about PND at a later time. When I feel more able.  I promise. 

Bye for now, K

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