Friday, 6 April 2012

More Easter Crafts

So I know I normally do a new Food Find on Fridays, and if you were waiting for one I'm sorry, but I decided to share more of our Easter crafts with you instead.

With only one afternoon of after school activities to get to this week it left time for us to get creative!

Firstly, I'd seen a poem about Jelly Beans and Jesus so we turned some eggs filled with jelly beans into Easter gifts.  I typed up the poem, printed it out, attached it to an Easter themed cello bag which we put the jelly bean filled eggs into and voila, instant non chocolate Easter gift.

  Then I thought we'd make a little Easter Garden like the one I saw here.

I had REALLY hoped to make this with the kids, but time got away from me so we did this instead.

We used the packaging from a kitchen appliance, a yoghurt container, the Crosses Miss Pants made at Sunday School, some felt & a lot of glue.  (Again with the shocking photos...)

Mr Magoo was responsible for cutting a hole in the mountain for our tomb to fit into

Miss Pants looked after the glueing

H created the path to the tomb

We covered the mountain with scraps of felt in greens & browns


Bye for now, K

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