Wednesday, 11 April 2012

WIP: A Gypsys Cushion

Remember the little peak I showed you a couple of weeks ago back here.  This is the story that goes with it...

A couple of years ago I offered to make one of my cushions for an old friends newest baby girl.  I hadn't actually spoken to this friend for a number of years but I'm quite the sentimental type so I still made contact with her mother to find out if she thought my friend and her new husband would have been interested in one for their first little girl. 

Well, without giving away too much of their story, this is the cushion I made for their first born.  It was loosely based on a snugglepot & cuddlepie theme. 

Last week they finally recieved the cushion for their second daughter, so now I can share it with you.  (I'm not sure if any of them read the blog so better to be safe.)  This time I was asked if I could make it a Gypsy themed cushion.  Or perhaps something with butterflies if Gypsy's was too hard.  I came up with this.  (Shows you that there is CLEARLY something very wrong with my camera, or at least the operator.  Same camera, a couple of years apart).

I haven't done anything else of this kind more recently though.  We were busy with Easter crafts, then spent the long weekend on the South Coast of NSW.  Today, the kids & I are off the the Riverina region for a couple of days.  I do have several that I should be working on.  Perhaps I'll have time next week for them.  I do hope so, but we'll see...

Bye for now, K

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