Saturday, 23 June 2012

Autumn is Gone...

Winter is here ALREADY. *Sigh*

We didn't really have much of a Summer here :( Yet Autumn came along quickly & now it is Winter ALREADY. *Sigh*

Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons. My Nanna used to love visiting us here in Autumn. Here are a few pics I took with my very-old-very-in-need-of-replacement mobile phone.
Love these reds

Lovely Yellows & Reds

I got these pic's using Mr C's fancy pants camera and wanted to share them earlier but I've been slack & my laptop doesn't share the same software as Mr C's camera (so I couldn't get the photos for a while because the PC had a temporary holiday).

See the little sucker leaves, even they are changing colour.

Love this view in the afternoons.  These trees look like they're on fire some days.  They look better when it's cloudy.

Beautiful colours

We enjoyed some walks this Autumn.  We collected some leaves, and enjoyed stomping through the crunchy crackly leaves too!!

The first lot we collected dried out, cracked & came unglued from the pages they'd been stuck to, so I laminated the pages.  We collected more leaves & I laminated them before we used them for anything.  It seems to have helped them keep their colours too.   The great thing about laminating them is that we can use them again.

Here's a picture of our family, created by H.  That's me holding Little H on the right.

There are a few Winter related crafts I have in mind. Have to wait & see whether we get to them.

Now, just to share how lucky our family is I thought I'd point out that as you read this, we are on our way to sunny Cairns!!  Yep Far North Queensland awaits!  (Not so sure we'll want to come back.) 

Bye for now, K

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