Sunday, 3 June 2012

MORE Kids Books

As I have said before I LOVE getting the kids books.  It can be a pretty expensive little task, but when we buy them through Scholastic Book Club at school or preschool the school benefits too, and often you can get some REAL bargains (& good presents to stock up on for later).

Some of my purchases, in the past few months, have been season specific.  I got four Easter books in a pack.  Then I got this book for Anzac Day.

I had ordered this book and we saw it read on tele one day.  Not sure whether it was on Driver Dan's Story Train or Playschool.

I just LOVE the style of illustrations in puffling.So beautifully drawn.  You know those times you see something & wish you were talented?  This is one of those times for me. Lol

I got these two in the hope that Miss Pants and H might take on board a little of the story's...

This is one of those absolute bargains I mentioned.  It's a funny little story and when you use funny voices & accents it is even better :)

Now, I'm a little ashamed to admit this but we have finally started our GRUG collection at long last.  We now have Grug goes fishing, Grug and the green paint, Grug and the rainbow, and Grug goes to hospital.  They came in a pack.  I might just need to order some more too.
I haven't made ANY progress on my wish list of books though.  What have you been reading?

Bye for now, K

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