Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Spotty McSpot Spot

What a strange few weeks we've had.  First there was the gastro bug that seemed to go through most of the town, then the flu, and now we have a confirmed case of Chicken Pox in our house.  (Probably with one more to come.)  It is certainly one of those ocassions where I wish I could take it on for him myself.  I know I'd be miserable & itchy too, but it would be easier than seeing him go through it :(

I was absolutely blown away yesterday though.  We received an offer from people at church to make a few meals for us. Oh my, how nice was that!!  I said no though. I'm not the sick one.  It was pointed out to me that I may not be sick but people understand how hard it can be with sick children to get things done & they just want to do something nice for us.  I understand that, so I said that if Little h gets it (which is likely since he & Mr Magoo share a room & Mr Magoo usually holds Little h in the bath) then I would accept a few meals because Little h will be miserable & not understand why I'm putting him down to cook meals & carry on with my daily tasks as a wife & mum of four.

How absolutely amazing is it to have people in your life that are willing to do that?!  (Yes, I know, I too have my name on the roster to provide meals for others but it's such a strange & wonderful feeling to be on the receiving end of such generosity.

So this morning I took H to school & left Mr Magoo (aka Spotty McSpot Spot) home (with ph numbers & the neighbours home next door) & when I got home I found hin reading this...

and listening to this

I quite like this CD.  We borrowed it from a friend but I think we may just need to pop into the local Christian Bookstore where I got that book from & order it in.  We borrowed two CD's but this is our favourite. 

Well, better head off to the shop and find something soft for dinner.  Spotty Mc Spot Spot has pox in his mouth & throat so it's making things really difficult for him.  He suggested beef strog but I pointed out it'd be pretty hard to swallow.

Bye for now, K

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