Tuesday, 15 May 2012

An update on REST TIME

Just quickly I thought I'd let you know how things are going with Miss Pants.  Although I didn't receive any help on ideas for dealing with Miss Pants (except from Mario's wife.  you know who you are), I did follow through with minimising her TV hours & MAN does it make a difference!!

I had no idea how much of a difference it would make to her general behaviour!  True, I have had to play more of an active role in parenting, but that in itself is FANTASTIC I have to say.

One day I did let her watch an episode of Play School but it was on my iPad so I knew we wouldn't be tempted to watch anything else or leave the tele on "just because".  Instead of having the TV for background noise we've been listening to music.  Predominantly new Christian CD's I've bought or borrowed, but still some mainstream stuff too.  Kids and adults music.

Oh & I let her watch Toy Story 3 today because she is sick.  She missed out on Pre-school yesterday AND Pip Squeaks today, so I thought she could have a little rest this afternoon and watch one of her favourite movies.  She fell asleep before it was time to do the school pick up.  I knew she needed some rest. Lol.  She'll miss swimming tomorrow too.  I can't wait to deal with that little let down, but it shouldn't be as bad as todays.

Perhaps in my next post I'll share something that has been taking up LOADS of time, INSTEAD of the TV :)

Bye for now, K

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