Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Stuff I know...

  • I took some pic's of the Autumn leaves in our local streets.  Still to share...
  • Kids made a few pics with some leaves they collected.
  • Everyone in our family has been sick in the past week/two weeks.  Mr C is the latest.  He came home from work sick (which NEVER happens).
  • I NEED to finish the Mothers Day projects I began as a semi non-guilty treat to myself, by making something for our Mums.
  • I REALLY NEED to get my cushion orders done!!
  • I took the youngest two kids foot prints recently.  I'd like to share them with you some time.
  • My plan to keep a blog to help keep myself accountable hasn't worked too well.  I haven't had my hair trimmed this month, my weightloss is non existant, and even my coffee outing have eased off.  Grrrr....
  • I am CLEARLY having a bad day.  Perhaps feeling a little rejected.  Not sure, but I'm struggling to find positives to share.

  • I am grateful that my children are over the sickness we shared.
  • I am grateful that my parents were able to enjoy a lovely weekend down the coast with my Mothers siblings and their cousins.  They have been trying to organise thise for years.  Only 1 wasn't able to make it and she lives in Cairns.  About 3000km's away.  Next year they will organise it for QLD school holidays so she can get away from work.
  • I am liking my new CD's from Compliments of Gus 
  • Our little man is still growing well and thriving on breast milk alone.  He's 5 months now & 8kg's.  (I tried solids twice in the past week and he's HATED it.  He's developed a couple of spots of ezcema. Wondering if it's related.)
  • I went to Cubs last night with Mr Magoo.  Mum's were invited along as a Mother's Day celebration.  It was fun!  I enjoyed getting my heart rate up.  Mum's beat the Cubs 4 -1. WooHoo!!  Go Mums!!
  • My kids have been making Mothers Day gifts at Joeys/Cubs and pre-school.  Looking forward to seeing what they've come up with :)
  • I love my family!!

Bye for now, K

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