Sunday, 4 March 2012

Books to Investigate

2012 the National Year of Reading.  (Visit for more info.)

I read this post by Jen from the Pikelet Workshop in January and although it opened up a whole load of Mummy guilt in me, I really must say "Thank you Jen for reminding me that one of the simplest things is so important" :)   I HAVE been reading to Miss Pants more (& oassionally to Big H, although i usually get hime to read to me as part of his homework) and I'm quite enjoying it!  I really am.  We read the same book several times on the boys swimming lessons afternoon.  We read most nights at bed time, time permitting.  Some days we read after lunch. I think I'm starting to pronounce the Spanish bits in the Dora the Explorer books properly but I could be wrong.

I've been thinking lately that perhaps I should get myself to the local library & investigate their little kids programs, for Miss Pants and I to attend with Little H in tow, and the selection of books available for my ever inquisitive 8yr old, Mr Magoo.  He LOVES to read!  I love that he loves it.  I've always hoped that his enthusiasm would be passed on to Big H but alas, no luck as yet.  A lovely lady from Bible study, who invited me to morning tea, was telling me about a series of books her ten yr old loves.  I asked the name of them twice & still forgot so I'll have to follow that up. Mr Magoo will be taking part in the Premier's Reading Challenge with the school this year so I'd love to have a great range of books available to him other than ones he's got at home (since he's read the majority of them).  You can find out more about the Premier's Reading Challenge here.

I've come across some books recently that I think I would like to read (or perhaps buy) too. For myself.  I used to love to read.  You know, when I had more time for ME. Lol.  I recently read Bitter Chocolate by Lesley Lokko.

You can find it online here
 "Three girls in search of a missing piece of their lives; three girls who will change their worlds to find it ..."
My sister-in-law lent it to me while I was in hospital during my third trimester carrying Little H.  I quite enjoyed it, although I didn't finish it until after he was born.  I just didn't have the time (once home) to finish it until I made the effort to find "me-time".  I set the older kids up with a movie after lunch during the Summer holidays when it was better for them to be inside at that time anyway and I'd take Little H and my book to my bed.  I'd feed him, wrap him and lay next to him reading while he slept.  I never once dozed off, although if I hadn't had that book I surely would have.

If you were a MasterChef 2011 watcher you may remember Merle Parrish from the Cudal branch of the Country Women's Association.  Remember the Peach Blossom Cake?  Well now you can get the recipe from her new book, Merle's Kitchen.

You can find it online here
I don't think I really NEED any more sweet treats being made in my house because I have this tendency to over induldge but to get PROPER recipes from someone with this much experience making cakes for the everyday life (as opposed to restaurant style fancy) I could just be convinced.  Yesterday there was a local book signing by Merle but I missed it.

I came across this book completely by accident during the week.

You can find it online here, or through her blog

I had never even seen the Down to Earth blog before.  I had a little read about Rhonda's view of the book.  I think I'll quite enjoy it.  One thing she said which stuck in my mind is that (paraphrasing here) while it is called "a guide to simple living", everyones idea of simple living is different and she hopes to inspire the simple in all of us.  She has had book signings in Sydney, Melbourne, etc lately, as you would expect, but she was also at Bathurst in regional NSW on Friday and I had too many appoitnments in the morning to get there in time.  I was quite excited about it until I realised I wouldn't be able to make it. Oh well.  If I do get hold of the book I can send away for signed name plate for it.

The final book I wanted to share with you is called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Ruben.

I took a peak inside the book here and when I read "I wanted to focus on a different subject each month... I resolved to tackle "Marriage," "Parenthood," and "Friends,"..." I KNEW I'd have to read the book in full.  I've been thinking LOTS about these three things lately.  I heard about this book from the Planning With Kids facebook page.  You can also find out more about the book, the author & perhaps your own Happiness Project here.

I'm REALLY hoping I get to read these books in the next few months.  Perhaps when I have a little more time.  I guess I need to MAKE the time.  Me time :)

Bye for now, K

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