Thursday, 29 March 2012

Easter Activities Begin...

... In our house

Yesterday I did a little shopping in preparation for some Easter and school holiday craft (and perhaps some it can be used at gifts).  I can home with quite a few things to keep the kids momentarily busy through the holidays.  I ran into someone that was telling me she'd heard about people having Easter "trees" and was going togive it a go, so if I come across one I'll share it with you.

One of my purchases was a box of cookie making stuff.  It came with cookie mix (like a box cake mix), icing mixture, egg shaped cookie cutter and a tube of coloured icing.  I cooked them up yesterday afternoon before the kids got home from school and we iced them after Miss Pants finished her swimming lesson.  They had 5 each to ice.  I helped with the butter icing which was supposed to be used to sandwich the biscuits together, but this way they'll go further.  The icing wasn't terribly thick but I put it in a freezer bag and snipped a corner off to squeeze it out anyway.  The kids decided how they wanted me to put it on & they used the green that came with the kit & some glitter icing pens we already had to decorate them.  I did a few too :)

Miss Pants squeezing the glitter icing on.  Pink off course.

H asked me to make different designs on his bikkies before he added the coloured stuff.

Mr Magoo's works of art.

The Finished Product

Because it was so close to dinner time (& because there was so much sugar involved) I only let them have one each before dinner.  Mean Mother aren't I.  Bwahahahaha...

Bye for now, K

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