Friday, 9 March 2012

WIP: And whatever you do...

(I did actually create this post on Wednesday, however I didn't get the Banana Bread picture uploaded & forgot all about it until today.  Picture now added.  Let me know if you need an easy peasy Banana Bread recipe :) ) 

As usual, my Work In Progress post for the week has been hijacked by some NOT so crafty/creative stuff.

While Christian blog hopping today (instead of creating) I came across LOADS of quotes from the Bible. But only ONE of them jumped up off my iPad screen & slapped me in the face!!

And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.  Col 3:17

I found it here in this blog.  I guess after the day she'd had it just fit nicely with most of my days (although not to the degree of some of the things she dealt with that day).

The boys School is having a fundraising event this week.  Although no note came home asking for donations as prizes I thought I'd send a few things in with the boys just in case they could be used.  Mr Magoo's bag of things came home again but H's didn't, so he took the other bag in too & neither of them have been sent home so I guess they're using them.  Here's what was sent in.  I had made a whole heap of things like this to sell at markets last year but things didn't go as I'd hoped so I've been donating them to charity auctions and fundraising events instead and it makes me feel quite good.  I'm running out though so I guess I'll need to start making more, when I get my sew-jo back.

Think I've got just enough time to mix up a banana bread to pop in the oven before heading off to get the boys from school.  Hope I don't burn it!
It didn't even make it to the cooling rack before half of it was gone. YUMMO!!

Bye for now, K

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