Monday, 26 March 2012

What's one thing that used to scare you?

So I wouldn't ordinarily blog twice in one day but...

I went to this post from Aspiring Mum and followed the link to the interview she had with Happy Mums At Home.  One of the questions was, What's one thing that used to scare you that doesn't anymore?  This was her answer

"Other people’s opinions. I’ve lived a large portion of my life worrying what other people think of me. Sometimes I still let it bother me, but you can’t live your life based on what you assume other people may or may not be thinking."

I realised in that moment that although I try REALLY hard not to worry about what people think, clearly I still do!  Other wise I would have shared my blog with everyone in my life earlier than this. 

So, to those that already knew about my blog, Thank You.  Thank you for your support, encouragement and your ability to keep quiet about it.  To those that didn't know about my blog, I'm sorry.  I just didn't feel ready to share it until I read that interview. 

Actually, I didn't finish reading the interview, I just had to share this first.  I'll head back over now.  Here is the  link to the interview incase you're interested.

Bye for now, K


  1. Your very brave. Not because you should be afraid of others opinions when you want to share your thoughts - but because unfortunately, most of us have that fear of judgement. Well done :D

    1. Thanks Anne. We all hate to be judged but unfortunately so many of us do it without even realising it. I could go on & on about it but instead, I'm gonna go & pick my kids up from school, hug them all & try to instill in them the values that I feel are important.