Sunday, 11 March 2012

Keeping Busy

We've been keeping quite busy... 

You may or may not know that I've been taking Miss Pants to Pip Squeaks.  She loves it!  It is so cute to hear her singing songs about Jesus at home.  It's something very new to me, but I love hearing it.  She's also been enjoying preschool on a Monday and sometimes while I sit and feed Little H, I listen to her amuse herself in imaginative play & it really does warm my heart.  I can't help but smile at her & want to hug her (but that's pretty difficult mid feed. lol)

I may have mentioned that I was invited to morning tea by one of the lovely ladies from Bible study recently.  I had been thinking of making pikelets for some time to make up for our lack of Daddy-made-Sunday-breakfast-pancakes but hadn't quite gotten there yet.  Well the lovely Karina served up pikelets so I was inspired to make some for the kids that afternoon for afternoon tea.  They loved it and I made such a big batch that they had heaps left for recess at school for days!

The older boys are in Scouts.  Well, Cubs & Joeys.  The Group they are a part of were delivering local phone books as the major fundraiser for the year.  This was our families load of just over 300 books (The total order was around 20,000, so we got off pretty lightly).  Admittedly due to after school commitments Miss Pants, Little H & I delivered most of them while the big boys were at school, but when they were able to help they loved it and raced from house to house putting them at the front doors.  We had strict instuctions not to deliver in the rain.  WELL, that REALLY limited the days we could deliver but we got there in the end.  Mostly, when it was me and the little ones we'd walk, (getting in some incidental exercise, Woohoo) but with the big boys along we'd take the car so we could take more books.

Here's a pic of the 3 boys playing together, watching TV and just having a bit of a relax together.  How I love them so :)

There's also been appointments several days a week to get to.  They really are starting to annoy me.  I'd just like to stay home some days and do nothing. Hmmm, well, not really nothing. More like... uninterrupted housework,  guilt free blog reading, perhaps even a little sewing. (I do still have orders looming after all.  Perhaps I'll be able to get to some shortly.)  I've also been trying to get a little more organised.  I think it will deserve it's own blog post though, so I'll keep that for another day. 

Bye for now, K

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