Thursday, 1 March 2012

WIP: What a Week...

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I know, it's late again but I've had a HUGE week.  It's been rather full of NOTHING.  Ok, not so much nothing, more nothing particularly "crafty".  I've spent quite a bit of much needed time thinking about & doing things for my husband, my kids & ME!!  Yes, you read correctly... ME.

Point 1.  In the past fortnight I have a joined a women's Bible Study, with creche.  This school term they have been looking at relationships.  The first week I went was all about the marriage relationship.  I found it inspiring & insightful.  I really quite loved that it gave me some wonderful things to ponder.

Point 2.  I admit it.  I am dealing with Post Natal Depression, again.  I have had it in varying degrees after each of my children.  I promised to share more about it with you all so that you may be able to help others going through it rather than feeling powerless.  I will still do that, but just not yet.

Point 3.  Point 2 has contributed to my inability to follow my crafty pursuits as I would have liked, but also necessitated my need to spend more time thinking about my gorgeous husband and kids and how I can be a better wife and mother.  Strangely, several blogs have helped me with this.  Ok, perhaps it's not strange.  Perhaps I just think it is strange.  One post about putting your husband before your kids can be found on the blog 71 Toes.  I started reading this blog before I found that particular post & Shawni was always going on about how wonderful her husband is and I was thinking "What is wrong with this woman?", then I read that post and it all made sense.  After reading a few others things really started to click.  I think about various couples whose children have grown & left home and can see that what Shawni says makes perfect sense.  71 Toes is now one of my favourite blogs.

Hmmm, I know I haven't really said much, but in a way I guess I've shared quite a bit more today than I have previously.

I hope you've all had a fantastic week.

 Bye for now, K

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