Wednesday, 14 March 2012

WIP: Others Words

 I have cushion orders looming over my head.  At the moment this is one of the things that I'm really struggling to get to. I want to do it because I used to love it, but when I'm busy with the kids I can't do it without guilt. I should be spending the time with them. I actually did get a "spare" moment where I could have completed a cushion, but when I went to do so I realised I was all out of velcro.

I've still been trying to get myself organised again, and I do feel like I'm finally starting to feel like myself but I have that Mummy guilt there still, lingering...

So, because I haven't done anything AGAIN, I'm going to suspend my WIP. (Which off course means I have failed at this particular aspect of my blog.  I was using it to keep me accountable with my creativity.  I guess that's the difference though isn't it.  Creativity happens, it can't be forced!). 

Instead, I'm going to share a few blog posts I've read in the last week or so that have touched me in some way...  In essence, I'm sharing the work of others
Wow!  Lots to get through but speaks for itself
A new favourite Christian song of mine (embedded)
Scary, important, often overlooked.  Glad everyone is safe
I only found this blog this week.  Love this post about the simple things

Thanks for hanging around

Bye for now, K

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