Monday, 26 March 2012

Kids Books

I haven't been thinking enough about the blog to prepare a "proper" post this week, but I did want to share a few kids books with you. 

I still remember reading this post from Pikelet Workshop, and adding it to my list of Mummy guilt issues.  Anyway, it DID get me thinking & I realised I'd been really slack in the reading department.  I used to read to my kids a LOT.  But lately... well, let's just say work was needed.  So, I can now happily say that I HAVE been reading to them again! YAY!!!  (And incidentally, it is a GREAT way to spend time with the family.  Especially if EVERYONE gets involved.)

Mr C or I read to Miss Pants every night (or at least 98% of the time).  Some days we squeeze in extra storytime too.  She got a set of Dora the Explorer books in a slipcase for Christmas and I'm pretty sure she knows every one of them by heart now.

H is old enough to read to himself but sometimes he still likes to sneek into her room at storytime and listen to whatever I'm reading to her (as long as it isn't Dora).  We all climed up on her bed last week for some Bible stories from Mr Magoo's Childrens Bible and H's lift a flap Bible stories books.  They loved it.  Mr Magoo & H remember some of the stories from Scripture at school.

Mr Magoo is a VERY confident reader.  I think it's great that he loves reading, but sometimes I have to tell him to put his book away, so he can get on with other things.  I'm not entirely sure where he's up to now but I know he reads well above the average skill level for his age.  As parents we take absolutely NO responsibilty for that (strangely).  When he started school he could only read his first name.  Or at least recognise it.  But, we did do reading with him a LOT back then, so I guess it has kinda stuck with him.  He & H are often allowed to read in bed for 5 minutes each night, although sometimes we forget to tell them to turn the light out. 

Anyway, Miss Pants has two new favourite books at the moment.  I got them to try and encourage her & H to, well, Listen and Help out more.

 I got them from the Scholastic Book Club through Miss Pants' preschool.  I love Book Club.  It costs me a fortune (because I have so much trouble narrowing my order down) but I really do enjoy getting the kids new books, and doing it this way the school or preschool benefit too.  (Oh, that reminds me, I only have this week to get Project 1 of The Little Book Adventure 2012 completed. Hmmm, what to do...)

A favourite of mine is Where is the Green Sheep?  I was reminded of it last week at Pip Squeeks. Which sheep is your favourite?? Mine is the slide sheep :)  There are so many wonderful Mem Fox books.  Check some of them out HERE.

I have more books coming that I want to share too, so when they arrive I'll do another (shorter) post.

Bye for now, K

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